There are a lot of different positions that can be filled within the pharmaceutical companies that reside in Toronto. It all depends on what credentials you possess in order to fill these positions.

Many of these companies have several different departments to them where jobs become available. It depends on whether they are doing research as well as manufacturing and distributing various drugs as to what positions may be available.

Production Assistant

This is sometimes classed as an entry level position. Part of the duties that the employee has to fill is assisting the production manager. This may include keeping track of the different types and amounts of drugs that are being produced.

Pharmaceutical Sales Assistant

A lot of these companies often have jobs available in their sales departments. These drug representatives build up a clientele that is comprised of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. One of their duties may be to introduce new drugs that have come out to Doctors so they will order them for their patients. They also may solicit business from pharmacies to carry these drugs.

Quality Assurance

One very important job in this business is quality assurance. The responsibilities that come with this job include making sure that the drugs being produced meet all of the quality standards that have been set for them.

Administrative Jobs

Many of the pharmaceutical companies in Toronto are quite large and to manage the administrative sector of the business many jobs open up that require a variety of different skills. These positions can range from entry levels like receptionists all the way up to senior accountants.

Aside from these jobs, there are executive type positions and management jobs that may become available. Learning all about this industry sets up job candidates to be able to apply for many of the positions as they become available.