One may think that when they hear the name Pharmacy Bar Toronto that this is just another type of pharmacy that offers the regular services of providing over the counter drugs and filling prescriptions.

The big difference here is that the Pharmacy Bar Toronto is actually a pub and is an entertainment venue that is located in the Toronto area. Some visitors to the city expect that in locations like this they may also be able to enjoy slot machines, but this is not something that is allowed in Toronto.

Slot machines can only be enjoyed and played legally in designated gambling institutions like Casinos. This type of gaming activity is heavily regulated. Guides to online gambling and licensed casinos are listed at

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of fun to be enjoyed at the Pharmacy Bar Toronto where many people go to socialize and enjoy some great drinks and pub food. It has become quite popular for Toronto residents and it is often their first choice when they are looking for some weekend fun and a place to get together with friends.

The name comes from this location at one time being a pharmacy and a methadone clinic. New owners took over the property and turned this into a bar instead. The interior of the premises is uniquely decorated with buffalo heads, old furniture and lots of knick knacks.

What is great about Toronto is there is a wide range of selections when it comes to entertainment. A good example of this is the Pharmacy Bar Toronto. In addition to this, there are several great casinos that offer all types of gaming action for the gambling enthusiasts like those who enjoy the slot machines.

While some countries are more lenient with their gambling rules Canada, on the whole, is quite strict and each province sets specific rules for this type of activity.