Downtown Toronto is a big place. It has all the amenities that one could possibly want. It doesn’t matter whether you live or work or are visiting here you will always be able to find a pharmacy. Some are open regular hours, others have extended hours and then there are some that are open twenty-four hours a day.

You will find these pharmacies in various locations throughout the downtown core. One of the most common places to find them will be in the many malls that are found in the City. Many times these malls are attached to the transit system so if you are travelling by subway you may find that one of the stops is at a mall and included in the stores here with be a drug store.

Then you will also find that some of the bigger department stores also have a pharmacy section that has a licenced pharmacist on staff. They may offer the services of being able to fill your prescriptions.

Another type of pharmacies located in downtown Toronto are the many independent pharmacists. These are usually shops that you will find along the main streets in the hub of the city. Many of them are quite small and they usually only operate regular hours.

Another place where Pharmacies in Toronto are often located is in the Toronto hospitals. There are several of them in the downtown core and even though they cater to the patients frequenting the Hospital they do provide pharmacutical services to those in the area.

You have the freedom to choose the drug store that you want. Most people will choose one that is in a convenient location to them and then use this one to tend to all of their pharmcy needs. Some will offer the extra service of delivery as well.