Anyone looking for a pharmacy on line has to be very careful as there are a lot of sites that are are not really toronto pharmacy related. These are sites from other countries that sell different types of drugs online. The pharmacists that are authentic and operate out of Toronto have obtained their proper education through a qualified pharmacy school.

Some of the pharmacies in Toronto do offer some services online but these are support services like being able to renew your prescriptions if you use their services.

Pharmacists who attend pharmacy school in Canada are highly trained and have to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a University that offers this program. Although each University will set what the pre-requisites are for entering into the program most will ask for post secondary education comprised of five years. You may find that a pharmacy school will require students first take a one or two year general science course before they will accept them. That is unless they already have done this in their previous schooling. Some of the schools will not go to this level and will accept those who have studied only basic science.

Once a bachelor’s degree has been obtained from the Pharmacy School then this considered to be an entry level for this profession. It can usually be completed in four to five years. Some students may decide they would like a post graduate degree.

One thing to keep in mind about Canada is that every province has their own rules regarding pharmacists. If you are going to practice this profession in Toronto then you need to be sure that your education is on par with the requirements.

What this tells you is that when you are looking at a Toronto Pharmacy online you need to be sure that this is really who you are dealing with, as you can see by the extensive training they have is highly important.