Toronto being a big city, it has many different pharmacies not only in the downtown area of the city, but also on its outskirts. They offer many different services but the main focus for any pharmacy located here is to be able to provide necessary drugs that are required by an individual. These may either be prescription drugs or over the counter drugs.

Naturally, people can fall sick at any time, day or night, and may be in need of medication. When this happens after hours, it makes it a little more challenging to find a pharmacy that can cater to their needs.

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There are some major chain pharmacies located in Toronto that offers 24-hour pharmacy services. There are many more of them now than what there used to be. One of the common brand drug stores that offer this service is Shoppers Drug Mart. However, not all stores of this brand offer 24-hour service. Some of them operate longer hours like staying open till midnight.

It is not uncommon for some of these pharmacies to be open on special holidays, although if they are not a 24-hour service, they may shorten their operating hours at this time.

There are big advantages to having access to a pharmacy that is open twenty-four hours. If one has a youngster that catches a fever in the wee hours of the morning, it may not be serious enough to need a doctor but some fever medication may be required. Having access to the drug store throughout the night makes this problem much easier to cope with.

Often, large pharmacies carry many additional products like those that may be found at a convenience store easily. This makes it easier for a customer who needs any of these items to pop in and buy them.