Once you have decided that you want to become a Pharmacist and start your career in this field in Toronto then your first step is going to be deciding on which Pharmacy school you want to go to. There are several universities within this city that offers some excellent courses.

Actually, the largest Pharmacy School in Canada is found in Toronto and its the Leslie Don Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. For those who want to become pharmacists the program here that they would be most interested in is what is called the PharmD program. This is an “entry to practice professional degree program.

The PharmD for pharmacists is for those that have completed the BScPhm program and are now looking to upgrade to the PharmD. There is also a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist Program.

Many graduating pharmacists like to go on and specialize. One opportunity is to become an industrial pharmacist and this same school offers a one year program which is the Industrial Pharmacy Residency Program. It is a one year program that is run in cooperation with different pharmaceutical companies.What this program does is allows the participant to be able to focus on specific areas that they are interested in. It is not working for the company as a regular employee.

If you are serious about becoming a pharmacist then you will want to check out the undergraduate and graduate program that this school offers. You can be sure that your educational credentials upon completion will be highly recognized within the industry.

As you can see this is a very extensive selection of programs and if you are not familiar with the University of Toronto you will soon learn that it is an educational institution that is recognized the world over.

There are a lot of pharmacists in Toronto, but there is always room for more.