Generally, in Toronto, if someone is looking for pharmaceutical companies, they are looking for businesses that discover, develop, and manufacture drugs that are most often used by people for various health reasons. If a person is looking for pharmacies then they are looking for those companies who fill prescriptions or sell over the counter drugs to the general public.

Across Canada, in general, there are many pharmaceutical companies and Toronto has a least 124 of them. Some of these companies specialise in the production of certain drugs specialising in one particular field of medicine, for example, vitamins, food vitamins, and food supplements.

Pharmaceutical companies are necessary as they play an important role in the health industry. Most often, these companies focus on a few different types of drugs that pertain to specific health issues. They sometimes only deal with their own brand of drugs or they may be involved in supplying large numbers of pharmacies with the generic drugs that they may need for their customers. Many of these businesses are also involved in producing and supplying various types of medical devices.

The history of pharmaceuticals is quite interesting because it partly traces back to apothecaries that were responsible for working with botanicals to develop the drugs that were needed. Eventually, this switched over to where synthetic drugs were used.

In the old days when someone went into an apothecary shop, it was similar to what we know as a drug store. The pharmacist, however, would have to come up with a remedy that was comprised of different blends of raw materials that the pharmacist had on hand. Pharmaceuticals have dramatically grown since then which in turn has allowed many pharmacies to exist and grow.

It is through the research and development of drugs that those like epinephrine or amphetamines have become available. These are the companies that dedicate themselves to developing drugs that can be used as cures for many different health problems.