One type of store you will have no difficulty finding when it Toronto is Toronto drug stores. There are at least one of them to be found almost every few blocks. There are many that fall into the chain group of pharmacies while there are others that are privately owned.

Some of the chain drug stores that you will find here are…

Shoppers Drug Mart

If you are visiting Toronto this is one drug store brand that you will see a lot of. It is a subsidiary of Loblaws Companies. It came into existence in 1962 and founded by an everyday Toronto pharmacist, Murray Koffer. Since that time it has grown to where there are now more than 1,307 stores however these are spread across Canada. They are usually large in size and many of them carry products and items that one considers out of the scope of the pharmacy trade. For example, many different types of foods, often a selection of gift items, and large cosmetic sections.


This is another large brand that belongs to the collection of drug stores that can be found in Toronto. Although they don’t appear to be as prominent as they once were. They are an American founded Company that works here in Canada under the Katz Group of Companies.

While many people like to use the brand chains of drug stores there are still many that like to be loyal to the privately owned ones in Toronto. Some have been around for many years and although they may not carry the large number of items that the brand stores do they are well recognized for their personal customer service. Their pharmaceutical services are definitely on par with any of the bigger stores. Many closed down because of the competition they were facing but that hasn’t stopped new drugs stores opening up that are privately owned.